Ayia-napa marina

This location is ideal for business-style and casual photo shoots. The backdrop includes urban buildings and yachts. Capturing shots here at night yields stunning results! Additionally, there's a beach nearby, allowing for a combination of these two wonderful settings. This location is perfect if you need a variety of different backgrounds for your blog. Here, you'll find a parking area, an elevator, a stairs, a café, diverse texture backgrounds and walls... And intriguing lighting effects (in the morning). There's also a restroom available for change the clothes.

quiet Beach near ayia-napa marina

This location is perfect for a photo session in the morning or during sunset. The beach is quiet and beautiful. If you arrange an underwater photoshoot here, there's a chance to encounter turtles. The water is clear and blue. The sunset view is breathtaking.


Ayia Thekla Beach offers a tranquil escape, contrasting with the lively atmosphere of Nissi Beach. It boasts the same captivating beauty with its white sandy shores, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and an island dotting the coastline. It's an ideal spot for beach photo shoots, providing a perfect canvas for capturing stunning beach moments.

Furthermore, Ayia Thekla Beach features a charming Greek-style church, adding an excellent touch to the overall ambiance.


The Love Bridge is a natural rock arch formed without any human intervention. This location is the most popular for photo shoots. Breathtaking views, crystal-clear blue waters and yellow rocks make it truly captivating.  It's suitable for all kinds of photoshoots—couples, individuals and children. Beautiful shots can be taken here at any time, be it morning, afternoon, or at sunset. There's a green lawn with palm trees and both sandy and rocky beaches. Comfortable footwear is a must as it's challenging to walk on heels on the rocky surfaces.

chapel near the love bridge

Church of St. Epiphany

This location offers a beautiful view of Ayia Napa, and the church itself is quite picturesque, especially at sunset. It's a great spot for those looking to diversify their shots with architecture amidst the marine landscapes. Moreover, this location allows for photo shoots in high heels, a difficult feat on the rocky cliffs. The church is located near the Love Bridge.

nissi beach

It's a great location for a photoshoot, despite being the most popular beach in Ayia Napa. Firstly, it's lush with greenery—palm trees and flowers. Secondly, it offers excellent angles that showcase the beautiful turquoise sea and the island (the beach's symbol) while avoiding the tourist crowds. Thirdly, there's a pool that looks fantastic in photographs.

Note: The photos should be taken in the morning to capture the vibrant water as seen in the pictures below (all photos were taken in the morning). This location is suitable for those seeking vibrant beach photos, so dress accordingly in beach-style.

adams beach

Fine, powdery sandy beach with inviting clear blue waters. Versatility for different photoshoot themes: couples, families, and individuals.

Floral Alley

An oasis in the summer heat! Located on the way from Ayia Napa to Cape Greco, not far from the Love Bridge. 

Sculpture Park

This park is situated near the Love Bridge.


Makronisos beach

Macronissos Beach is a true Mediterranean paradise, offering an ideal setting for a remarkable photoshoot. The soft, golden sands stretch out to meet the crystal-clear turquoise waters, creating a mesmerizing backdrop. This beach is a versatile location, suitable for a variety of photoshoots including couples, individuals, or even playful family sessions. Whether you choose to capture the beauty of the morning sun, the vibrant atmosphere of the day, or the romantic hues of the sunset, Macronissos Beach provides a stunning canvas.


A hidden gem along the coast, Landa Beach is a picturesque spot for a photoshoot. The golden sands stretch along the shoreline, complemented by the vibrant blue hues of the Mediterranean sea. Ideal for a variety of photoshoots: couples, individuals, and children.

Harbour and promenade