Green Bay: Capture Timeless Moments with Turtles

In this unique locale, you can have a memorable photoshoot experience with turtles. Additionally, Green Bay boasts two distinct beaches, one with rocky terrain and the other with soft sands. This diversity allows for captivating photo opportunities both on land and underwater. Let the natural beauty of this location become the backdrop for your photography adventure.


Kapparis Beach is known for its serene and quiet ambiance. The beach features soft, golden sands and crystal-clear turquoise waters, creating a calming and picturesque setting. Kapparis Beach's tranquil beauty truly comes alive during sunrise, making it an ideal location for capturing the peaceful and magical moments of the early morning.


Golden Coast

From capturing the essence of a Greek-style church, popular for christenings, to the contrast of a beach with sandy shores and rugged rocks, this locale promises diversity. Additionally, the greenery, vibrant flowers, and charming fountain add a touch of nature's beauty. The presence of a port completes the canvas, adding a maritime flair to your photography experience.


This Place is Perfect for Sunrise or Morning Photography. This location offers both rocky cliffs and sandy beach, and is adorned with greenery, flowers, and a lush lawn.

Fig tree bay

This location is perfect during the early morning hours. Incorporates both rocky and sandy elements, offering diverse photography options.


The beach is embraced by lush greenery, adding a vibrant touch to your shots. The rock formations provide excellent contrasting elements to the softness of the sand and sea. Ideal for sunrise and early morning photoshoots.

Anastasia hotel

This location encompasses: a green lawn with palm trees, two beaches - rocky and sandy, a seaside promenade, and hotels with pools. An excellent choice for family photos.

horse Stable

This Stable nestled amongst fields offers a breathtaking sunset. Stables charge an average fee of 50 euros.