Paphos: Capturing Cyprus' Most Beautiful Sunsets

Paphos offers a variety of photography opportunities, especially during sunset, when the city showcases its most magical and picturesque moments. 

Best Locations in Paphos:

Charming, ancient village streets providing captivating views of both the mountains and the sea, creating an ideal setting for photography.


Birthplace of Aphrodite
A beautiful and romantic location, particularly enchanting during sunset.


Picturesque cliffs, sandy and rocky beaches, and banana plantations offer a diverse range of photography options. The Edro III shipwreck adds a touch of intrigue to this already captivating setting.


Paphos Center

The heart of Paphos is a blend of modern elegance and historical grace, offering a diverse range of photographic opportunities from sunrise to sunset.

The background will be modern waterfront, port, historical UNESCO sites, diverse beaches (from rocky to sandy).